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Creating Stories by Diane Auld RTC.,MTC.,RCS.,HT.

Working with clients really is a humbling experience. Below you will find some of my pondering on the subject. Because I love stories, it is often the first place my unconscious goes. I really feel my clients are teaching me to listen more deeply and move from my heart more than my head. Of course I would like to say that is something I do all the time, it would be more honest to say it is a deep practice journey I am on. Moving back to my heart which has a direct connection to my unconscious and above the place where the stories are generated. I hope you enjoy my pondering and my fun yet useful story.


Stories and Metaphors, the language the unconscious mind understands and resonates with. So how does one create a story from a session with a client? Where does the inspiration come from? Questions these are the tools for mining the gold. What do you know about your client? What are they bringing to the session/s? What are they telling you with every gesture, everything they notice in your office? Do they talk about movies, books and or interests? How interested are you in your client?


I know there are a lot of questions here. Yet, this is how you create stories, create the framework for the trance session. Two people come together, one is trained to listen, listen with every part of her being. To hear the tone behind the words, to listen on multiple levels. Each session bringing a new person to the session. New from the perspective of a deepening rapport. New pieces of information being offered from the client, filling in the pieces of the puzzle if I can listen and hear. Sometimes filing away and sometimes checking out with the client: have I heard correctly? The conscious mind taking it in and my unconscious mind waiting, relishing the opportunity to create the space through words, ideas, concepts and suggestions for her unconscious to use, play in and work on that which it has been working on for a long time.


That is how I see the incredible dance of being in relationship with another for a therapeutic reason. What an honour! What joy? Even in the moments when. Actually especially in the moments when the words don't come and I have to listen even more deeply. Suddenly she came upon him sitting on the ledge quiet, hunched overlooking more like a colourful piece of jasper than a man. He heard her and looked up. Such sadness on his face. Strength and sadness, she was struck by the contrast. His sadness touched her heart deeply and she remembered her journey up this mountain. She had come to walk and create some space from all the thoughts running around in her head.


All the should and should not, all the nos and yes as well. She suddenly felt weighed down by her internal backpack and had to sit. She sat near him and they both sat in silence. She really needed a place where she did not have to be someone she did not feel like in the moment. A place where all of what she was feeling could be present. Could be felt. She sat for the longest time and suddenly heard herself sharing.


Not really knowing where the words were coming from. I have been carrying this for so long. I have come up here to leave it behind. I need to live the life I have always wanted to live. to live joyously. And freely. I thought it would mean giving up everything and running to a tropical island to paint. And sitting here on this mountain beside you I realized what I needed to leave here were certain beliefs that no longer serve me.


The belief that I can't feel joy helping my family. that it is a burden and will always be a burden. The belief that there was no time for the things I loved. I was always to tired or busy. Somehow I was not entitled to be happy or love what I do and find the time to do it. Sitting here. watching your face listening to you slowly breathe helped me understand, helped me find a way. One sees things differently sitting on the top of the world. Knowing you are not alone.


Someone else might just understand what you are feeling. Helped me see. Helped me find my heart again she reached out for his hand and felt the gentle strength. It really is part of being human. These feelings are part of being human on this vast planet. I understand. And you are accompanied you know. I am here. And you have helped me see what I need to see understand what I need to understand so good to let myself feel. You really can let yourself feel can you not. you really can.


They softly smiled at each other realizations dawning in their heart and mind. He slowly stood up. Gently helping her stand as well felt good to stand in this new perspective. Would you like me to take you down he asked? Well she thought as she smiled yes. Life really can surprise me when I open myself to the mystery. Listen to my guidance and say yes. his cape flapped in the wind and she slowly and gently allowed herself to be guided back to earth. My goodness, she thought my unconscious really does know the very best way.


Diane is an instructor at Orca Institute. Diane Auld H.T., R.P.C., M.P.C.P. www.dianeauld.ca 604-218-9341 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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