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Stories and Metaphors, Diane Auld RTC.,MTC.,RCS.,HT.

Here is a story that could be used during trance, for clients who tend to put up emotional walls. Sometimes it may be that walls that were put up for a specific reason just stay up, out of habit. This story could help a client gain the insight that it may not always be appropriate to hide behind walls that were put up for a specific purpose. My friend Robert and I are planning to go on a trip this February. We're going to go to the Winter Carnival in Quebec City.

It's going to be very cold and snowy. We are both used to mild Vancouver winters. Given that Quebec winters are so snowy and cold, we decided that we would need to get some protective clothing to shield us from the harsh elements. We went shopping in several different stores and bought jackets and snow pants and big, black, warm boots. We both loved our boots immediately. They are so warm and big, and black and heavy. They're thick and protective and waterproof and have heavy-duty tread.


They are warm and fuzzy inside. Wearing these boots, we felt protected from all the harsh outside elements. They could keep out snow and slush, and the heavy tread would prevent slipping on the slick winter sidewalks. We were both eager to try out our boots, wanted to wear them all the time. The other day, Robert and I went to go shopping again. Even though it wasn't a very cold day, we put on our heavy boots anyway. We got in the car and headed out for the shopping mall. We'd only gone about a block when Robert suddenly realized that the big, heavy boots were making it difficult to drive. The boots made his feet too big to fit properly on the pedals.


The tread was so heavy, he couldn't feel when his foot was on the brake, and when it was on the gas, and he couldn't feel the clutch properly. When the first traffic light turned green, we lurched into the intersection and then stopped. The other cars behind us started to honk, and impatiently tried to drive around us. Robert frantically tried to control the car, but the heavy boots made it impossible. It took a long time, but we finally managed to guide the lurching car over to the side of the road.


Robert was shaking and scared. He reached down and untied his new boots. They just were not made for driving. He had to take them off, and drive with just his socks on. The socks allowed him to feel which pedal was the brake, and which one was the gas. Robert realized that when he was driving, he needed the sensitivity to be able to feel things with his feet, so he should wear smaller and thinner footwear. The boots were perfect for snow and ice and harsh outdoor weather, and he still liked the boots very much.


He realized he would have to carefully consider which footwear to use each day. Some days, when he needed the protection against cold and ice, he would wear his big, heavy, black boots. But the rest of the time, he discovered that he would be much better off if he wore his more sensitive shoes. Orca Institute, Canada's longest-running Hypnotherapy school and BC's only PTIB and EQA designated Hypnotherapy school. Call Now! 604-900-1245.

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