An elementary teacher in Scotland created a simple plan to get her students to be more active. The idea was to have students walk or run for 15 minutes per day for a month. The program was so well-received and effective that it even got an endorsement from the British Prime Minister Theresa May. Not only that, many schools and even workplaces across Europe and North America are now considering to adopt this program called the Daily Mile.

The benefits of this program have recently been studied by a research team in Scotland. It was found that after 7 months of participating in the Daily Mile program, elementary students were fitter and leaner than they were before, even for students who walked and ran. The study shows that one doesn’t always need to engage in moderate to vigorous activities to make a positive change in their fitness. Not only that, the students were able to socialize during the 15 minute-run so it seemed more like recess time rather than like just another structured gym class.

It is inspiring for everyone, especially professionals in the fitness and health industry, to see how this program that was started by one individual, could change the culture and mindset of one small community to one entire nation. Moreover, we can see how fitness can be implemented in a fun way, from the perspective of a child.


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