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Job Opportunities and Social Worker Education

Orca Institute Social Worker Education programs

According to Service Canada “Job prospects in this occupation are good.” In fact the number of of job opportunities in the helping professions has risen sharply over the past decade and due to a number of factors that rise will continue.

Graduates of Orca Institute’s Social Worker Education program will be well prepared for employment as the following:

  • Community support worker
  • Halfway house worker
  • Outreach worker
  • Residential support worker
  • Recovery house worker
  • Supportive housing worker
  • Transition house worker
  • Shelter worker
  • Tenant support worker
  • Mental health worker
  • Concurrent disorders support worker
  • Addiction support worker
  • Street outreach worker
  • Hospice worker

Service Canada states that income for those employed in this field ranges from $39,300 – $50,300 per year.

You could be working in this rewarding field in less than a year. Contact us now to talk to an admissions counsellor.

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