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Fitness Leadership Curriculum

Our Fitness Leadership curriculum has been developed by leading industry experts. Orca Institute’s substantial contact with the fitness industry allows us to provide quality job placement assistance to our graduates.

Fitness Leadership Weekly Course Schedule

Week Topics Hours
1 Fitness Theory Course 20
2 Fitness Theory Course 20
3 Fitness Theory Course – CPR / First Aid Level 1 20
4 Fitness Theory Course – BCRPA Exam 20
5 Employment and Business / Financial responsibilities (default prevention) 20
6 Introduction to Weight Training 20
7 Weight Training 20
8 Weight Training 20
9 Weight Training – ICE Evaluation 20
10 Nutrition / Bootcamp / Circuit / Portable Equipment 20
11 Personal Training General Studies 20
12 Personal Training General Studies 20
13 Personal Training General Studies 20
14 Personal Training General Studies 20
15 Third Age (55+) General Rehabilitation – Special Population 20
16 Personal Training General Studies BCRPA exam & ICE package 20
17 Personal Training General Studies BCRPA exam & ICE package 20
Total 340


Fitness Leadership Program Descriptions

  • Fitness Theory (72 hours)

Our fitness theory course covers the fundamental principles of human anatomy and physiology. Students will learn how the human body responds to exercise and be ready to write the BCRPA fitness theory examination upon completion.

  • Fitness First Aid Level 1 and CPR (8 hours)

The fitness first aid and CPR course is an essential component of this training. In case of emergency students need to be prepared to respond professionally and effectively. This course provides the necessary knowledge to prevent, recognize and manage cardio respiratory emergencies in a variety of situations.

  • Employment and Business Course (20 hours)

In addition to preparing our students to be the best they can be in their field it is also valuable to have skills and assets to present oneself in the business world. This course covers communication, conflict resolution, promotion, ethics and many more skills for our students to be well prepared to go out into the business community.

  • Weight Training (80 hours)

Our weight training course is set up to introduce our students to the principles and practice of weight training. This is a hands on component with a focus on proper execution of training methods and coaching techniques.
After successfully completing this section students will be able to write the BCRPA instructor competency evaluation (ICE).

Upon completion of the course students will complete the BCRPA Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE).

  • Nutrition (8 hours)

As part of a complete fitness trainer course a basic knowledge of nutrition is important. This course teaches all the basics of nutrition as it relates to fitness. It also teaches the student to stay within their scope of practice and know when to refer.

  • Bootcamp/Circuit/Portable Equipment (12 hours)

Students will learn a variety of bootcamp and circuit formats. They will use bands, medicine ball, BOSU and more. Students will also be able learn to apply these tools in real time with expert hands-on instruction. This course covers the science, theory and proper application in the use of these tools.

  • Personal Training (80 hours)

This course connects all of the skills that the student has acquired to this point. It teaches how to design and administer training programs that are specific to the individual and/or group in a particular program.

  • Third Age (55+)/General Rehabilitation/Special Populations (20 hours)

Third age is a quickly growing market simply because our population is aging and the demand for fitness services will only increase in this age group. With the growing popularity of fitness training permeating the awareness in seniors, use, pre-and postnatal mothers one can see how there will be an increasing demand for the skills learned in this course.

  • BCRPA Personal Training (40 hours)

In this section students will complete all of the necessary requirements to become a BCRPA Registered Personal Trainer. Students will review all of the material covered and will be assisted in preparing to write the BCRPA personal training exam. They will also complete the BCRPA personal training instructor competency exam (ICE), written and practical.

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