An innovative program was implemented by a Michigan pediatric clinic and a local farmer’s market in August 2018. To promote healthy eating, pediatric patients were given $15 prescriptions for fresh fruits and vegetables to be redeemed at the market. The program took place in the city of Flint, where more than 50% of the kids live in poverty and therefore, do not have the financial means to be able to afford nutrient-dense foods. The study addresses the need for affordable, healthy foods, as well as nutrition education for families.

The families who had received the $15 prescription were significantly more likely to shop again at the farmer’s market than those who did not. The former group shared appreciation for their physicians for giving them and their children the opportunity to have access to healthy foods.

Because of the program’s impact, the researchers have recently received more funding from Michigan Health Endowment Fund in order to expand the prescription program.


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