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Social Service Worker Diploma Program

The Orca Institute Social Service Worker Diploma program will prepare you for meaningful employment in the non-profit and social service field.

$500 scholarship to all students enrolled in August/September 2018 Classes

The Social Service Worker Diploma Program at Orca Institute is a comprehensive 600 hour, 6.5-month program focusing on experiential learning inside the classroom and includes a supervised practicum in the field. The goal of the Social Service Worker Diploma Program is to help students learn to effectively and genuinely help others while remaining safe and healthy themselves. It is one thing to want to help others but to be a skilled helper requires the kind of knowledge and training we provide in our Social Service Worker Diploma Program at Orca Institute.

The Social Service Worker Diploma offers small class sizes to ensure increased amount of student and instructor interaction. Students will engage in experiential and deliberate learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Education in the field, or practicum, is often considered an integral part of social service worker programs. The Social Service Worker Diploma program at Orca Institute offers students an 80 hour supervised placement at a community agency and provides a chance to integrate theories learned in class with real-world practice in the field.

The curriculum for our Social Service Diploma Program meets and exceeds the standards for social service educational programs! The curriculum was developed and fully informed and advised by current practitioners in the field. Our textbooks have been carefully selected to go above and beyond industry standards to meet the changing needs of the field.
At the end of the Social Service Diploma Program, students are expected to possess 21st century skills and competencies in the areas of interpersonal communication, technological and information literacy, critical and creative thinking, collaboration and teamwork, and leadership. Students will be introduced to various theories and approaches to practice such as strengths-based, person-centred, trauma-informed, feedback-informed, and task-oriented, to name a few.

Graduates from the Social Service Worker Program will be able to use deliberate and reflective practice methods, give and receive respectful feedback, use effective interpersonal communication skills, document client behaviors and critical incidents accurately, self regulate and manage emotions, problem solve, work within roles on teams and within roles and scope of social service workers, make ethical decisions involving confidentiality and safety, analyze typical client histories, create individualized self care plans for a variety of clients, use motivational interviewing techniques to engage clients, integrate contemporary psychological and wellness theories into practice, demonstrate personal self care, respect and value diversity and cultural differences, build and maintain healthy boundaries in relationships with clients and co-workers. Adapt theories of trauma, mental health and addiction to practice, and identify personal strengths and areas for improvement!

Graduates from the program will enjoy many opportunities for employment in the field! Part of our Social Service Worker curriculum also allows students to learn how to create a resume and digital portfolio, perform a job search, and obtain First Aid/CPR, NVCI, Foodsafe Certificates as part of the program. Learn more about job opportunities here.


  • 600 hours of classroom learning
  • 100 hours of supervised practicum experience in the field
  • Integration of 21st Century Skills and Competencies
  • Focuses on whole person model of wellness philosophy
  • Small class sizes
  • Uses experiential learning – learning by doing
  • Classes run 5 days a week
  • Accessible hours of instruction and location
  • Suitable for all types of students whether a recent high school graduate, a mature student, or anyone seeking a career change!

See the curriculum.

Learn about job opportunities.