There has been an increase in the number of people identifying themselves as a vegan. There are many possibilities that may account for this trend – perhaps because of social media, celebrity endorsements, environmental reasons, or simply wanting to live a more healthy, organic lifestyle. Whatever the reasons, there are many research studies backing up the benefits of living a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Listed below are benefits to living on more plant-based diets that were presented at Nutrition 2018, a convention discussing science and health. The research is compiled from different, international studies.

In general, having a more plant-based diet leads to:

  • lower risk of developing coronary heart disease later in life
  • less plaque buildup in coronary arteries
  • smaller waist circumference
  • lower amounts of abdominal fat
  • lower cholesterol
  • lower blood sugar
  • lower body mass index (BMI)


Railton, D. (2018, June 11). Nutrition 2018: New data confirm health benefits of plant-based diet. Retrieved from

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