Applied Nutrition Science Program FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding our Applied Nutrition Science Program

How much does the Applied Nutrition Science program cost?

The cost of the tuition for the program is $5,680.00 for domestic students.

What is covered in the cost?

The cost covers the tuition which includes instructional time (340 hours). Fees include registration/application fee, textbooks & manuals, supplies/materials, and a personal iPad with essential resources.

Is there financial aid?

Government funding is available to qualified students. Please see our Admissions page for more information or refer to Student Aid BC.

How long is the Applied Nutrition Science program?

The program is 17 weeks in length, with 340 hours of instruction in total.

How are the iPads used in the Applied Nutrition Science program?

Our program will utilize Learner Management System software on iPads to deliver parts of the curriculum. The iPads will also be used for accessing E-books and other online resources.

What are the requirements to get into the Applied Nutrition Science program?

Please see our Admissions page for more info.

How does Orca’s Applied Nutrition Science program compare to other educational options?

  • Our program is based on trusted and current scientific research completed by nutrition experts and registered dieticians
  • Orca is the only private vocational college in BC where students in this program can apply for government financial aid (federal and provincial student loans and grants)
  • We provide students with individualized attention and guidance as class sizes are small
  • We supply students with up-to-date technology and resources including a personal iPad and software used in the nutrition industry
  • A portion of the curriculum is dedicated to business fundamentals and employability

Learn more about our curriculum on our Curriculum page.

What types of individuals take part in the Applied Nutrition Science program?

Our program is open to all individuals who are passionate about making a positive change in one’s lifestyle with proper nutrition and diet.

Will Orca assist me with finding a job?

The program curriculum includes a comprehensive unit regarding business fundamentals that gives students detailed insight on how to get a job in the current job market. Further, Orca will provide job placement assistance upon completion of the program which includes support for creating resumes, cover letter, etc.

Find out more about job opportunities for graduates on our Job Opportunities page.


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